Free Blank Ukulele Staff & Tablature Music Manuscript Paper

Part of the reason I’ve resumed work on the tablature conversion “software” (JavaScript is software? sure. why not?) is so I could learn to play a song’s melody– you know, music that sounds like “music” as opposed to just the chords (I cannot sing) — with people asking, “ummmm, what are you suppose to be playing now?”

However, in order to do this I needed blank manuscript paper, paper with the musical staff (just treble clef, of course) plus the tablature “bars”. Naturally, I made my own… because I’d never heard of this Google thing.

Download the Free Ukulele Staff & Tablature Music Manuscript Paper (79KB PDF)

Free Ukulele Staff & Tablature Manuscript Paper
The page has six staves, each containing the treble cleff musical staff plus G-C-E-A tablature lines (strings, actually I suppose).

Like I said, I failed to Google for the paper — had I, I would have found this really nice (and also free) uke paper these cats already have. Idiot.

I also need to thank Shirley Kaiser (SKDesigns) and Linkware Graphics Music Images for providing (free) vector music shapes — the treble clef symbol, for example.

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