Song Editor Gets a Facelift

From the outset I’ve viewed Scriptasaurus as a widget — an add-on for other folk’s existing websites. What this completely missed, of course, was what most people actually want: a way to spruce-up (“prettify”) one or two songs for their themselves and their uke clubs.

So my “demo” editor was, well, lame.

Secretly, however, I’ve had this alternate design laying fallow for a couple years, an artifact from another, now abandoned, side project. So I’ve finally made a few adjustments and adapted it for the public song editor, hopefully making the task of prepping songs faster and friendlier.

Test drive the “UkeGeeks Ukulele Song-a-Matic Editor”.

What’s New:

  • Zoom. This is a big one for those who prefer to have songs on a single page. This combined with the {column_break} tag may be you OCD-types’s (like me) best friend.
  • Colors. Pointless, but a nice demo of how it’s fairly easy to theme Scriptasaurus. Though, the dark theme is easy on the eyes.
  • Layouts. Referring to where the big “master” reference chord diagrams are placed on the page, choose at the top, on the (left) side, or none at all.

The old stuff (in case you’ve forgotten):

  • Chords. Select whether you want chord names, i.e. [A7], above the lyrics or inline, or whether you want tiny chord diagrams above the lyrics (a helpful option for learning songs with lots of unfamiliar chords)
  • Tuning. Pick either standard Sorprano “GCEA” tuning or Baritone “DGBE”.

Clicking “Edit” opens the Song Source Editor, the raw song text (ChordPro format). Make your changes here then click Update to see the result.

There’s also a help dialog which links to topics on the User Guide page.

A big challenge has been, and remains, Internet Explorer support. IE9 is dandy, the others just make life small and slow down web development, and unfortunately, they’re not going away. So, for now at least, I’m hiding problematic features from IE7, IE8, et al, including Zoom. If you’re one of the people affected, my apologies, and please use Chrome or Firefox.

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  1. I’ve been wondering when you’d break down and share this design publicly. Thanks.

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