Mar 14

Introducing Fullscreen ChordPro Song Editing With Song-a-Matic

A short video tour of Song-a-Matic’s “full screen” editing mode (full video transcript follows)


  • Syntax Highlighting Explained
  • Help Window
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • ChordPro “Snippets” (EZ Autocomplete Cheats)

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Sep 13

Using the Visual Chord Builder

One area that’s always dogged the UkeGeeks song editor (aka “Song-a-Matic”) has been custom chords. Until now the only way you’ve been able to define your own chords has been by hand typing klunky ChordPro “define” tags. Sure, it gets the job done, but who can remember the syntax? (trust me on this, I’ve the memory of a gnat and am always referring back to the documentation).


  1. Chord Name. Should match the chord names you’ve used within your song [ChordName]
  2. Add Dots. Pick this tool to draw dots on the fretboard. Clicking on an existing dot deletes it.
  3. Set Fingers. Pick this tool to add the recommended finger to an existing dot. 1 to 4 correspond to index through pinkie finger. Repeat clicking a dot removes the finger number from that dot. Click the tool to cycle through the fingers. The “zero finger” removes finger numbers.
  4. Starting Fret. The number of the first fret on the diagram.
  5. Slide Up. Moves all dots “up” (towards the top of the diagram) by one fret.
  6. Slide Down. Moves all dots “down” by one fret (towards the bottom of the diagram)
  7. Chord Diagram. This is your drawing surface. Click with either the Dot or the Finger tool.
  8. ChordPro Define Tag. This is the chord definition statement that will be added to your song.

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Aug 13

Visual Chord Definition Editor Playground, Part 1

Resuming work on my oft promised, never delivered “visual chord definition editor” — a point-n-click way to generate ChordPro define tags for your custom chord shapes. Try it, just click around (hosted on JSFiddle):

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Feb 13

Ukulele Song Editing With Auto-Format: Plain Text to ChordPro in Minutes


This 3 minute video tutorial covers the difference between “plain text” songs and ChordPro formated ones. It also demonstrates how the UkeGeeks editor can automatically do the conversion for you (as well as introducing a few common tags).

Sounds tre fantastic, no?

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Jan 13

Fitting Your Song Onto A Single Page – Song Editor Tutorial

Have a favorite ukulele song that you’d like to fit onto a single printed page (or save as a one page PDF for you iPad)? Quite a common task and, fortunately, quite easily accomplished.

This tutorial shows a few of the features in the Uke Geeks song editor that allow you to size, position, and scale your song to suit your needs.

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Jan 13

Easily Format Your Song’s Text Into ChordPro Format

Confession time: I don’t actually edit my songs by typing chords into the lyrics. Well, at least not initially. The very obvious problem is that setting exactly when (where) to change chords requires playing through the song a few times, and moving that [Gm] one word or syllable to the right, well, it’s a pain.

So, I dont’ begin with “nicely formatted” text (ChordPro format).

Gm                 Cm            Gm
People are strange when you're a stranger 
Cm         Gm   D           Gm
Faces look ugly when you're alone 
Gm                Cm          Gm
Women seem wicked when you're unwanted 
Cm          Gm     D           Gm
Streets are uneven when you're down

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Jan 13

(Free) Power Tab Editor Software by Brad Larsen

If you’ve ever stumbled upon a song file with the “.ptb” extension, well, you’ve found a Power Tab (Music) file that you can open and edit thanks to this free (Windows-only) editor:

Power Tab Editor is a tablature authoring tool… to create sheet music, more commonly known to musicians as tablature. The program provides the most commonly used symbols in tablature, including chord names, chord diagrams, rhythm slashes, bends, slides, hammer-ons/pull-offs, harmonics and palm muting.

This program even plays (in full MIDI glory) the song with metronome!

Power Tab Editor screenshot

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Jan 13

Song Editor Gets a Facelift

From the outset I’ve viewed Scriptasaurus as a widget — an add-on for other folk’s existing websites. What this completely missed, of course, was what most people actually want: a way to spruce-up (“prettify”) one or two songs for their themselves and their uke clubs.

So my “demo” editor was, well, lame.

Secretly, however, I’ve had this alternate design laying fallow for a couple years, an artifact from another, now abandoned, side project. So I’ve finally made a few adjustments and adapted it for the public song editor, hopefully making the task of prepping songs faster and friendlier.

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