Scriptasaurus’ Benefits?

AKA Why’d I write this and why should you use it…

Community / Standards

I really want to promote an open, easy way for ukesters everywhere to share their music. I think ChordPro format makes sense for this — it’s intuitive and seems de facto. Most text-based song files are already in this format, in fact.

Layout Consistency

Perhaps it’s a wee bet of latent OCD, but I want all of my sheet “music” to look the same. I think most uke clubs want the same. Having an open standard and tools like this make it possible for everyone to share song info, but have personalized, custom, and consistent layouts. That’s cool to me.


Image Files

There’s some great sites that make use of images for the chord diagrams, but… what if you have a new chord? Or want different colors or sizes? You’d need to make more images. Painful.

Then there’s the waste of it.

This entire library is under 15k — that’s 170 chords. Fairly efficient, no? So it’s faster (fewer network request)

Play Time, Too

OK, I’ll confess that I’ve wanted to play with <canvas> and this seemed a great application. Sadly, most of my work has not been with canvas — that was super easy.