UkeFish: An Experiment In Search, Ukulele Style

Uke Fish - Universal Ukulele Search

You know I obsess sometimes, right? Well, a while back I was frustrated by the cruddy search results Google kept returning. To be fair the results were expected (GIGO, right?), but not all that useful — too many weak, or non-authoritative, or pure commerce sites kept infringing on what I considered “the correct” results should have been.

Solution: use Google to fix Google: Uke Fish ( is a custom Google search (can I name ‘em or what?).

I’m still trying to decide which sites to include (the about page lists the ones currently included) as well was which clustered sub-searches I might include.

To my mind searching is often overwhelming, there are times when I’d prefer a clearly “point of view”, curated answer over Google’s shotgun “everybody’s got an opinion” approach.

Do y’all have any thoughts on this? See any value in it? It’s OK — I’ve wasted mornings before, so if this is about as dumb a project you can imagine, don’t worry about me spending too much time on it — I didn’t.

I’d also like to have (but haven’t tried yet) a special, pre-built filtered using filetype. For example, PDFs are an obvious choice when looking for ukulele songs, but being able to search using a list of allowed types would be fantastic:

  • chordpro
  • chopro
  • crd
  • tab
  • txt
  • cpm

If you’re unfamiliar with file type (or “file extension” — the characters after the dot in filenames), well try one, a search for only Acrobat PDF files that contain the exact phrase “you are my sunshine”:

filetype:pdf "you are my sunshine"

OK, curious as to your ideas and feedback! Follow UkeFish on Tumblr

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