UkeGeeks Website Facelift

UkeGeeks Scriptasaurus Nerd Dino Playing Ukulele

After 3 years ’twas time for a change. Primarily it’s a move from static HTML to WordPress, where I’ve had some info for a while. I’ve now one less excuse for not updating documentation.

I also felt that a more marketing focused front page wouldn’t hurt, either. Not sure whether this one hits the mark, but it at least feels more lively (if you’ve not seen it, well, why not? UkeGeeks Sexy Home Page)

Lastly, Scriptasaurus — the mascot himself. Originally dashed off on a placemat (always a dandy drawing surface) the intention had always been to do something a bit more — well, mascot-y. So, goodbye, squiggly fella, old pal! (here’s a little more about drawing the dino-nerd mascot, including video)

UkeGeeks' Scriptasaurus Old Website Snapshot

I’m sure that I’ll continue tinkering with this over the next few weeks, so if you have a strong opinion, feel free to share!


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