Visual Chord Definition Editor Playground, Part 1

Resuming work on my oft promised, never delivered “visual chord definition editor” — a point-n-click way to generate ChordPro define tags for your custom chord shapes. Try it, just click around (hosted on JSFiddle):

Quite a ways to go, of course, but a solid start.

This setup can easily be extended to support guitars, too (actually, any number of strings and frets). I’ll be adding it to Song-a-matic at some point (need to ponder a clean approach to updating update the song’s CPM within the editor… hmmm), but might also make this the core for stand-alone chord reference and a reverse chord lookup tools, or a classroom teaching aid (super huge chord diagram).

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  1. Love this chord definition editor. I would like to suggest that we can use it for those really obscure chords that we cant find in normal chord books. However, a person who uses chord grids like I do would want the chord name that I gave it, placed on top of the chord that I created and become part of the png when downloaded.

    What do you think?


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